Directory submission services

Directory Submission is one of the oldest link building strategies known to the internet community. This involves submission of basic information in relevant category about your website to the directories.

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Directory submission services

When it comes to search engine optimization of a website, there are two major divisions namely on page optimization and off page optimization. This article is an effort to elucidate the significance of link building that comes under the off page optimization of web pages.

Major search engines grade a website taking in to consideration several factors. The number of relevant inbound links to a website plays an important role in ranking the web page. Some knowledge in link building will help you in building relevant backlinks that can raise your page rank.

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Obtaining Backlinks

Webmasters follow various strategies in building backlinks for websites. The commonly used strategies include buying links from relevant website with higher page rank and high popularity, mutual exchange of links with websites having equal page ranks, links can also be got for exchange of products or services. Of late link baiting has become career for many in the web developing companies.

The search engines consider your website as an authority of the subject content if a large number of external links from relevant websites point toward you site. This is how your website will reach the top position on search engines.

What ever may be your way of link building, always see that it serves the real purpose of finding the right and relevant incoming links from relevant and popular websites. Giving a little try on link building can do a great deal of good to your sites' search engine ranking. So, try it today!


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