Top 20 Alternatives Sites For file sharing online Free & paid

Here is the list of Top 20 Alternatives Sites For file sharing online Free & paid. With the assistance of these websites you can effortlessly transfer your files to your team on any mobile device or computer.

The burning question is – which is a best file sharing site to use? To answer the question, we accumulated here top 20 sites below.

File sharing online

Take a look and decide as per your requirements.

Before, we move forward with these top file sharing sites. Let’s have a small introduction on file sharing basics.

What is File Sharing?

It is the practise (or method) for providing or distributing access to digital media, including – multimedia (audio, video and images), computer programs and electronic books or documents. File sharing can be done in several ways.

Whether it is to make your business process easier or share some file with your friends, cloud storage is an excellent option either ways. Also, there is no deny that most of the file sharing sites are known for being abused as a source of information theft and piracy still they are used for legit reasons.

Cloud storage is rapidly emerging concept that runs on a model of “online storage”, in which data is stored on network provider’s multiple, distributed servers. These providers are primarily known as “Third Party”.

In this article, we are going to discuss these top sites or third parties for file sharing.

Getting enthusiastic?

Let’s start on top 20 file sharing sites (paid and free).

  1. 4Shared.Com



4Shared is an ideal spot to save your documents, images, videos and files to share them. It is a free storage and file sharing platform. It supplies online file storage and sharing of 15 GB web space. Simple to register. Multiple files can be transferred. Downloading is also fast.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive

It offers 15 GB of free space. It’s possible for you to save up to 15 GB of content shared between Google Pictures, Gmail, and Google Drive free of charge. If you use Google Apps at school or work, you’ve at least 30 GB of storage. If you run out of storage or if you are approaching your limit then you can buy more space or try to free some space by deleting unwanted documents.

  1. Mediafire


Mediafire is the file hosting web site has brought almost 60 million visitors annually and has been rising since 2005. Primary users don’t need to pay a cent, and get access to 10GB of free space, which may be raised to 50GB by referring friends and accessing it through your Facebook account and installing the MediaFire mobile app.

  1. ICloud Drive


With iCloud Drive, it is possible to safely store your entire presentations, PDFs, spreadsheets, pictures, and other type of file in iCloud. Files you save in iCloud Drive will be kept updated across all your devices, and they can be accessed by you from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, or PC.

Your data is backed up by iCloud daily over Wi-Fi, and all can restore it if you want it. Apple provides its users 5 GB of free iCloud space.

  1. Uploaded.Net


Uploaded allows storage space of 2GB for free, which has no expiration date provided that you create an account. They have a hard to comprehend premium plan, in two different places. One as a downloader, you can get premium to use the added attributes and total download speed. The other plans are very, very pricey that uploader can buy increased storage space.

  1. Dropbox


Dropbox enables you to share files anywhere, with anyone, and on any device. It offers free space for 2 GB storage.

Registration is mandatory to use this file sharing website. It supplies downloads and slow uploads although this can be among the most well-known file sharing websites.

  1. ONE Drive


Get OneDrive on all your devices and access your pictures, videos, files and more virtually from everywhere.

The One Drive of Microsoft provides free storage for transferring files of 5 GB. Microsoft will shift its free storage from 15 GB and offer a $2 per month for 50GB paid strategy instead of its earlier offerings.

Operating systems it supports include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

  1. ZippyShare


Zippyshare doesn’t seem to have a limitation to how many files possible to upload. The catch is that you can totally upload up to 200mb file size, and all files are removed after 30 days.

  1. BOX


It supplies On-Line File Protected Content & Sharing for businesses. Syncing and storage tool of BOX is highly customizable and user friendly, allowing you to incorporate your account with an extensive variety of services and uses.

It offers both free and paid services, with the paid alternatives tailored for business as opposed to personal (free) use. It supplies 10 GB of free space.

  1. HighTail


HighTail is among the most famous file sharing websites online. It provides a 250MB file size limit and 2GB upload limit. The small amount of free storage makes more to be wanted. Others offer qualified plans.

  1. Send 6

send 6

Send6 is a top digital delivery business serving both Individuals and companies with advanced technology. It empowers users to send, monitor and receive files and avoid the hassles of using FTP and size limitations of email attachments placed on users ISP’s and by Corporate IT departments.

  1. WikiSend


WikiSend gives another straightforward file sharing platform to web users. The site invites users to upload any type of file, from big and small to media or text files. The app can manage all sorts of files, including photographs, documents, videos and audio files and keeps things simple. The user can also be given the choice of maintaining the lifetime of the file on WikiSend.

  1. PipeBytes


“PipeBytes, a slick file-exchange service that simply needs two types of users–the sender and the receiver–with a web browser each.

The service does not have any file size limitations and lets receivers start downloading before the file is finished uploading.

  1. MailBigFile


The user can transfer up to 20GB of large files over the internet. The files are uploaded with 128-bit SSL encryption. They have the servers with 256-bit AES encryption where the user’s data or files are stored.

  1. SendThisFile


It replaces complex and insecure file transfers by using 256-bit encrypted file transfers on SSAE 16 compliant that is exceptionally protected file servers. Branded Upload Forms allow to send and receive files with the full package of security options and features. Fast to setup, user-friendly, and exceptionally protected.

  1. Files2U


Files2U is a web-based service that enables one to send large files to your recipient without needing to concern yourself with slowdowns of FTP or the limitations of e-mail. Your data are transferred SECURELY out of your browser. Files2U is a quick, simple and safe means to send large files over the internet. The adaptive customization options of Files2U, you may supply chosen features or all for easy and fast sharing.

  1. Dropbox ( Paid)


If you want to buy the Dropbox premium version, then there are two plans – Dropbox Pro and Dropbox Business.

Dropbox Pro (starts from $9.99/ user / month) – It includes 1 TB of space and added attributes. It is possible to select to subscribe to the yearly plan. Pricing depends on which subscription plan you choose and on your billing state.

Dropbox Business (starts from $15 / user / month, commencing at five users) – It is meant for groups and organizations. The size of your team determines to price.

  1. BigUpload


Top supplier of services that enables protected transferring, uploading and file sharing. The service runs on the network of the fastest, newest and most dependable servers with storageadjacent to endless functioning on multi-gigabyte web connections.

  1. ADrive


If you are looking for a bigger efficient online storage platform, ADrive is worth your consideration. ADrive has its advantages with its on-line text editor and simple-to-browse interface; then it becomes expensive.

  1. Sendspace


Sendspace lets users send large files, which are too big for email to friends, companies, and family, anywhere on the planet. It enables data up to 1.5GB that can be saved and downloaded as needed. Standard Folders can also be created and send file links to friends, family, and co-workers. Sendspace lets you link to files; no download page is required.

The final word

Today, technology is progressed at an exponential rate and cloud-based software or platforms are capable of processing large original files regardless their extension or file format type. Typically, we use two common ways to share files – via hosting account or/and emails.

However, there are certain limitations in both these methods. Also, both are a time-consuming process. This is the reason why we need cloud-based file sharing sites.

We have published our best to find out the Top 20 Alternatives Sites For file sharing online Free & paid. But we are still looking forward to your comments and opinions on these sites. If you have any particular file sharing site that you want to include in the list, please do comment us below. We will analyze the same and add.










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