How to Setup Google Webmaster Tools?

If you have a blog or a website then you must know about the Google search console, which is formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools.

This is a free software, which is like a dashboard of mechanisms that let you manage your site.

Getting this setup should be the priority of any webmaster for better SEO, unless you prefer to run your online business blindfolded.

In this comprehensive blog you will learn step by step how to setup the Google Webmaster tool or Google search console account.

First let’s start with the basics.

What exactly is Google Webmaster Tool?

Google webmaster tool which is now re-named as Google search console. It is free software or tool offered by Google that reveals the information about your website, which is not available anywhere else.

For any SEO (search engine optimization) project, we make sure its Google webmaster tool is set up. It also works for apps, so android developers can also benefit from the available data.

Steps to set up the Google Webmaster Tool

Step 1 – Sign into your Google Account

Google always connect dots between the website or blog available on web and its webmaster. Therefore, you must start by logging in to your Google account.

You can start from anywhere – Gmail, Google plus or wherever your Google account is accessible.

Note – If you do not have a Google account, then do not worry just sign up for one.

For this, go to and on the page click on “create an account” option and follow the process.

Step 2 – Setting up Google Webmaster or Google search console

Now, navigate to this web address while signed in to your Google account.

Here enter your website or domain name (like – or the app then click on the “Add Property” tab.

add website In google console

Note – If you already have the property added then it will be visible to you. And, if you want to add new website again click on the Add Property tab and enter the new website URL.

Step 3 – Verification

Once the property is added Google wants to verify whether you are the owner of the website or the app which you entered as a property.

Verify web console

Now, the verification can be done in following four ways:

Method 1 – HTML tag Verification

If you can access the HTML code of your website, then choose “HTML tag” option.

html verification

Here, Google displays the text line in the shaded box (beginning with <meta name=) and copy that text.

Now, in your preferred editor open the respective website’s homepage and paste that copied text into the head section of homepage. This will create a new Meta tag and save the changes in the editor.

Subsequently, come back to Google webmaster tool setup page and click the verify button and you are done.

Method 2 – Google Analytics

It is a few seconds task if you have previously set up the Google Analytics for your website and have “administrator” permissions. You can instantly verify the ownership of your site immediately.

Google anyalytics verification

It is the easiest method compared to “HTML tag”.

–    Select the Google Analytics option

–    Click on the Verify tab.

And, you are done with the verification of your website.

Method 3 – Google Tag Manager

If you have the Google tag manager account, then you can verify your website through this method.

Google tag manager

Method 4 – Doman name provider

Due to any reasons if you are unable to use the above-mentioned methods then choose the Domain Name provider option.

From the drop down select the company where you registered your domain. Then follow the instructions and once done click on the Verify button.



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