Grammarly Review – What Makes It No.1 Grammar Checker Tool?

English is a universal language, and there is no denial that it is becoming prevalent in almost every country, every corporate and every college or school.

Although, it is not that easy as it seems, right?

What if we have a tool that can help us to write a better English?

Today, you will find innumerable options in English Grammar checker tools – some of them are free, while some offer premium edition.

However, a million dollar question is – Which Grammar Checker tool is best to buy?

Well, I researched a lot on best available Grammar Checker tools but eventually end up on Grammarly powered by Microsoft.

Since I have been using this tool from past one month so I decided to write Grammarly Review and let you understand its pros and cons.

Learn the good, better and best about Grammarly

Before we proceed further…

Did you Know?

Grammarly can quickly correct more than 250 types of grammatical errors.

What is Grammarly?

As the proprietorship of Grammarly claims, it is the world’s best online grammar checker and also proofreads content.

As soon as you upload your document in this tool, in splits of seconds, it proofread the document and return with all the grammatical errors and suggestions to fix them.

It is enough potential in highlighting all SILLY GRAMMAR ERRORS. For instance, using “these” instead “this” or forgetting articles and punctuation marks, where required.

Grammarly is more than a grammar checker tool

Unlike other Grammar checker tools (including both free and paid), Grammarly also proofreads the content. This implies, if the uploaded content has any plagiarism, then it will highlight the source and let you know the percentage of plagiarism.

This feature makes it an ideal tool for writers, school and college students.

How to use Grammarly?

  • One of the best elements about using Grammarly is it offer both free and premium subscription.
  • All you need is to SIGN UP for Grammarly account and choose your subscription plan – FREE or PREMIUM.
  • If you want free then only download the Grammarly extension on your web browser – Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla.
  • Adding its extension in your browser makes writing as easy as it immediately proofread the content and find and fix the grammatical errors.
  • Even it suggests the edits when you tweet, update your Facebook status, compose an email or perform any text writing the task in your browser.

Let’s see HOW it WORKS?

#1. Using the Grammarly Extension ( Download For Free )

You can download the browser extension of Grammarly even if you are using the free plan of the tool. In a below-mentioned screenshot, you can see the corrections suggested by the Grammarly. Also, when you have the extension installed then it continuously scan the text and fix the errors or suggest the edits.

Grammarly screenshort1

As soon as you hover the cursor over the “number of errors” then it will highlight two types of edits – critical issues and advanced issues.

Note If you do not see any such options then it implies that you do not have any grammatical errors.

However, if you see these options then immediately click on a CORRECT tab and a new tab will open in a browser containing the detailed grammatical errors that need to be fixed.

Grammarly screenshort 2

The amazing thing about Grammarly is it tell you about all basic grammatical errors including:

  • Punctuation marks
  • Articles
  • Adverbs and Misplaced verbs
  • Passive Voice
  • Adjectives
  • Synonyms (available in Premium version)
  • Worldliness
  • Squinting Modifier requirement
  • Dangling modifier requirement

Now, as shown in above screenshot when you click on GREEN TEXT words on the right side of the page then it automatically edits the text replacing the wrong with the right.


Yes, you have this benefit as well because Grammarly is a product of Microsoft which means you can easily install the same in your word doc that again make the writing easy.

​If you ask is there is an alternative for Grammarly, we will definitely point to the grammar checker on Analyze.

#2. Using Web Version of Grammarly

The browser extension of Grammarly is quite efficient and time saving that works on all the browsers and websites or social media channels. But, there are times when you cannot access the browser extension or do not want to use it, then what will you do?

For instance, your client or boss gave you a text in the word doc or any other format then how would you use Grammarly on it.

This is where WEB VERSION of GRAMMARLY comes in play.

STEP 1. Create a Grammarly Account

Here you can use either free of premium subscription.

STEP 2. Login to Dashboard (FREE ACCOUNT)

Once you login to your dashboard then you will see something like this.

Grammarly screenshort 3

FREE ACCOUNT – It offers only basic features which are simple upload of the document and typical proofread and grammar check.

STEP 3 – Now, upload your document from your system or device or just CLICK on a NEW tab to copy and paste your text.

STEP 4 – As soon as you copy paste the text or upload your documents Grammarly will start proofreading the content and return with all basic grammar errors and suggested a fix, as shown below.

Grammarly screenshort 4
​ ​

STEP 5 – As mentioned earlier, click on these green text suggested fix appear on right side of the document.

Therefore, in 5 simple steps, you will make sure that your content is grammatical errors free.

#3. Managing Grammarly Add-In for Microsoft Products

As I said earlier, you can download the extension of Grammarly in your MS Word doc and Outlook. So, here we are with its detailed version and set up guide.

Grammarly screenshort 5

NOTE – This feature only works when you have PREMIUM Subscription of Grammarly.

Just, click on the red tab as shown in the above screenshot to download and install the Add-In setup file of the tool. Else, you can follow these steps:

  • Double click on the .exe file, which is a setup file
  • Then select both Outlook and Microsoft Word, and click on Install tab.
  • Once the add-in is installed, login using your registered Grammarly account to activate the add-in
  • Finally, when you open the MS Word, then you will see the Grammarly Add-In on the Menu Bar as shown below in a screenshot.

Grammarly screenshort 7

Next, you need to activate your Grammarly Add-In, and it will begin showing all the grammatical errors in your doc.

Also, it will highlight some redundant words that you can either ignore or can be removed from the content.


When you buy the premium subscription of Grammarly, then it will bring you some useful features which we will discuss below.

First, take a look at Grammarly Premium Subscription types and pricing:



$29.95 / 1 month

$29.95/ month



$59.95 / 3 months

$19.98/ month


Gold Best Value

$139.95/ 12 Months

$11.66/ month

Certainly, the annual subscription is of utmost value as it will let you save 18.29 USD per month as compared to monthly or quarterly plans.

Top Features of Grammarly Premium

#1. Vocabulary Enhancement Feature

This is an additional advantage of using Grammarly as it offers the synonyms of words that makes easy for you to avoid the repetition.

For instance, if you used word “Business” multiple times in content then it will suggest the synonyms of business like – “corporation, enterprise, organization, trade, etc.”

Grammarly screenshort 8

Moreover, it is up to you whether you would like to ON this feature or NOT.

#2. Plagiarism Checker

When you have Grammarly, then you do not need any other tool to check the plagiarism of the content as it has inbuilt feature of Plagiarism checking.

As soon as any plagiarism is detected in the text, it will be highlighted by GREEN UNDERLINE and also provide the original published source form where it is copied.​

Grammarly screenshort 9

3. Document Type

This is an enhanced version of Free Account of Grammarly as it offers you with an option to choose your Document Type among following:

  • General (Default)
  • Academic
  • Business
  • Technical
  • Medical
  • Creative
  • Casual

Additional features of Premium version of Grammarly

  • Contextual Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence Structure
  • Style

Pros and Cons of Grammarly – Why it is worth buying?


  • It finds all types of grammatical mistakes and correct more than 250 grammatical errors
  • When compared to grammatical errors and spelling checking then it is superior to MS Word
  • Plagiarism checker which is efficient and inbuilt feature
  • It is available in three different ways – MS Word Add-In, Web Application and Browser Extension.


  • When you are offline, then you cannot access the Grammarly as it is completed internet oriented tool for which you need an internet connection.
  • You may find reduced workspace as its options panel, footer space and navigation bar is fixed and takes lots of space for no reason.

Final word on Grammarly Review 2016

Since I have been using Grammarly from past one month and has given me some amazing content quality with its error fix mechanism.

As compared to other premium Grammar checker tools available today, Grammarly tops the list in every parameter.

However, I would recommend that you should buy a premium subscription if you have an extensive writing chore and assignments at your disposal.​



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