Contentmart: An online workplace for talented independent professionals

Contentmart is one of the most leading workplace for high quality professionals freelance writers. It’s easy to post your project and obtain customized bids, or browse Content mart for writers ready to work on your project.

This portal is the leading platform for top organizations in order to hire and work with the very talented writers. This platform is making a world of unmatched opportunity and talent, where worldwide teammates who are miles apart may easily work together.

What are the advantages?

For a customer, it becomes simple to find quality writers for his content requirements. It is well known fact that the content sent through this platform is automatically checked for plagiarism problems, the customer may rest assured that the content delivered through it is authentic and fresh. Additionally, he does not need to lookout several platforms for different content requirements. He may obtain all his content through the content writers registered with this incredible platform.

Contentmart advantages

If the content writers are dedicated, this portal is an apt platform which gives them with regular work. They don’t need to wait for the fancies and whims of 1 or 2 customers, rather than they are able to bid for any of the projects which they can do well. As there are no hidden charges or fees, they charge only 10% commission for each work, the writer may take projects from home and earn good amount.

Dos and Don’ts to Content Writers:

  • Make your clients happy to provide best quality content. If the client is satisfied, you can get good Rating on this platform, which may provide you good opportunities in order to earn good amount of money.
  • Always deliver work within deadline.
  • Don’t cheat, plagiarize or copy in any form. Anyone who will cheat will be obstructed and may lose the chance to work on portal anymore.
  • You should make your Profile attractive so that it can attract to clients. You must complete all the fields; it may improve the trust of clients on you and may increase your opportunity to win Orders.
  • Don’t give contact no. to client.
  • Don’t Bid on Orders which you cannot complete within the promised or given deadline. Work only on Orders which you are able to manage.

Content Writers

So, this platform provides a win-win situation for both the writers and clients. It is well known fact that several clients and writers have already registered with this portal. They are getting lots of advantages in the form of good pay and good content. Read More


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