Do not trust the Plagiarism checker tool – but why?

If you work as a research worker, content writer or running a website epidemic of plagiarism and duplication is becoming a big worry for you. Luckily, there are tools available that help in checking and detection of plagiarised content. The internet plagiarism checker helps you to discover plagiarism in the text and emphasise the part of the text copied or printed to someplace on the web. Using such plagiarism tools can help you make actual content for your sites and get rid of plagiarism.

Why Plagiarism checker tool important in SEO?

Today, it’s essential to safeguard your intellectual property rights. Additionally, when you create any post or create the content of your site, you need to ensure you will get the due acknowledgement for the work. A plagiarism checker will let you discover whether anyone has duplicated the content, without taking your permission. For instance, for those who have lately posted an article that will be in a position to create lots of traffic, with a plagiarism checker it is possible to discover if that post has been duplicated by anyone else without giving due credits to your site.

Why you should get serious about plagiarism checker tools?

Whether you are a teacher ranking research papers or an online publisher, the growing epidemic of plagiarism is likely of great worry. Fortunately, there are lots of simple to use tools offered online which make catching plagiarism much easier. There is an abundance of plagiarism checking software in the marketplace. When determining which plagiarism checker is suitable for your requirements, you will require to take into account many factors.

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing which Plagiarism checking tool to work with. You may need to look at how frequently you’ll need to work with this tool, and exactly how many files you require to check. Moreover, what would be the quality of plagiarism check. In the event the info is going to be shared with others, consider attributes of the software which make sharing simple, as well as how much detail is going to be about where the content is copied.


Top 8 recommended plagiarism checking tools


#1. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker (paid)


Grammarly is the merchandise of Microsoft, and it tops the list of all available plagiarism checking tools. It is available in both paid and free edition. However, if one would like to take the maximum benefit of this tool then paid version is recommended. Also, for the price it offers free vocabulary and grammar correction features.

Install Free

    #2. Smallseotools ( )

small seo tools

It is a free online plagiarism checking tool, and the best part is you do not have to create an account or perform any registration to use this tool. All you need is to copy and paste the content, enter the captcha, and you are ready to go. It will mark content in “red text” which are captured as plagiarised content and unique content will be in green colour.

Install Free

#3. (paid)

copyscape plagiarism

When we specifically talk about the “Plagiarism checking tools”, Copyscape is the name that tops the list even before “Grammarly”.  However, the difference between these two is Grammarly is a both grammar & plagiarism checking tool, whereas Copyscape just checks plagiarised content. ( check here )

Copyscape is also paid, and you have to buy the credits in US dollars. In one credit, it allows you to check 4000 words content for plagiarism.

#4.  plagscan


It asks you to sign up or sign in (if you already created the account). If you are first time user, then you are required to “Sign up” as soon as you complete registration. It will give you 2000 words limit or 20 credits to check for plagiarised content.

You can add the text through three formats – File upload, Text input and Web import. Check here

#5.  Solidseotools 


This tool is somewhat similar as it offers free plagiarism check to your content. All you need is to copy and paste the content in the given box or upload the world file and complete the captcha. Then click on

check now”.

#6. plagiarismchecker  


It is also a free plagiarism checking tool that let you create the Google alerts as well to inform you when new instances or phrases of your content found anywhere in Google. Here, you can either copy and paste the content in a given box and click on “Search” tab. The good thing is you don’t need to sign up. Check Here

It also allows you to – check a document and check a web page as per user’s requirement. Check Here

#7. Searchenginereports


This tool lets you check for plagiarism and grammar as well. You are not required to sign up, just copy and paste the text or upload the document. Authenticate by checking “I am not a robot” option and run the check. check here

#8. plagiarismcheck   (paid)


It is another important online software to check plagiarised content. When you visit the site for the first time, then it let you check three pages content for free. After that, you are required to sign up and buy the subscription.  check Here

They have three pricing models – Light for beginners, Standard for qualified customers and premium for professionals. These pricing plans are limited on the number of pages.

The Final Say

There are several reasons, which form the basis to make use of the plagiarism checker tools online. The plagiarism tools possess an excellent assortment that ranges from free to paid tools as we discussed above. Nevertheless, most of the complimentary tools are sufficient to fulfil the goal, and you do not need to purchase plagiarism checker online.

The user feedback and testimonials about a particular product or service play significant role in selecting the plagiarism or backlink checker tools.

Nevertheless, every user has different requirements to use the application. It might be vital for you to consider the cost and accuracy, so contemplate all such points before finalising any software for back linking check or plagiarism checking.




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