Best Marketing Email Design Tips for the Near Future

As an email designer, it is vital for you to make responsive, well-designed email templates for each campaign to get the best results and drive up the revenue for the enterprise. It combines art and marketing and requires astute aesthetic as well as shrewd advertising sense. As such, you will have to ensure all friction points are eliminated on the receiver’s end so that they receive a functional and responsive email. This is definitely not easy, as you have to stay updated with all updates in the world of design and scripting, especially HTML and CSS, as any changes to them could adversely affect your campaigns. Here are some sure-shot tips which would help in building a robust and functional email design for your marketing campaign.

Adjust Media Queries for All Screen Sizes

With phones, tablets and other devices being released each day, you cannot afford to limit your media queries to a particular screen size. Use frameworks which handle multiple screen sizes, or write queries for different sizes. Also, Apple released the Apple Watch mid-2015, which sparked off a whole new era in smart-watches. Your standard emails will not be processed by the Apple Watch, as it renders down to only text. As such, you must optimize not only the design of the email for other platforms but also keep a robust plaintext version for the Apple Watch and similar devices. Try to keep it as clean as possible as special characters or spacing will not translate well onto the small screen.

Make Sure It Is Mobile-Friendly

More than half of all email opens occur on mobile devices, so it is extremely important that your email looks proper on the phone. Responsive email design is essential, but it is also a good idea to have large, touch-friendly buttons, well-placed, large text and other simple layouts for the services like Gmail which do not support media queries.

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Make Provisions to Handle Image Blocking

Outlook 2016, Alto Mail from AOL and a number of other email clients block images in emails by default. This would really ruin your design if not handled correctly. Use styled ALT text, background colors and bulletproof buttons to counter the same.

Keep a Noticeable Unsubscribe Link

If you don’t have an unsubscribe button, users will be forced to block you and mark you as spam, and a substantial number of complaints would lead to automatic spam listing by most email providers. Avoid this by keeping large, prominent links or buttons with messages telling users they are free to unsubscribe. While this means you will have to lose a contact, but is certainly preferable to getting spam-listed. If you have enlisted a company which provides bulk email marketing services in Mumbai, it is important you let them know that you want an unsubscribe button placed at the end of the mail.

Try Table-Based Layouts

Microsoft’s latest email client Outlook 2016 isn’t a huge divergence from its predecessors, and still uses Microsoft Word to render emails. It has very poor HTML5 and CSS4 support, and a lot of quirks which can get on your nerves, like background images or divs not being allowed in table cells, text shadow, position or float attributes not allowed in CSS and very poor support for margins, padding, height and width. There have also been issues with background colors in nested elements. As such, it is a good idea to follow a table based layout for Outlook 2016 optimization, or use conditional CSS selectors specifically for Outlook.

Make Design Decisions Based on Open Data

Open trends for email all over the industry are very good indicators for understanding the use of email clients. As such, you will be able to know which platform your target audience uses the most, and make special design optimizations accordingly. IPhones for example, account for one-third of all email opens, and iOS has brilliant HTML/CSS support, which means you are clear to use advanced HTML5 techniques. If, however, you are catering to the dreary corporate crowd who haven’t evolved beyond Blackberry or Outlook, you will have to tone your design down accordingly.


The objective of your email is to grab reader attention and ensure that they take some sort of action. Obviously, you want them to browse your website, buy now or get more information. A well-designed e-mail would be grabbing readers’ attention and would be making it easier for them to take the desired action. The success of any email design depends on how the reader is motivated to take the right action.



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