8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media marketing is well thought-out as proficient and effective formula of advertising and marketing but bloopers are frequent in media marketing. Many presumed-brands and agencies had faced sever downfall in sales and market reputation just by trivialslip-ups while pitching there advertisement or thoughts on social media.

Here are some mistakes that should be avoided by any product, brand, service provider or entrepreneur to increase their sells and repute through social media marketing.

Social Media Mistakes

No Social Media Market Plan

Design a strategy before using any social media platform. Keep in mind the resources of your organization, time to be paid for social media, strategy and goals and team for interaction. Presence on social sites should not be of a type that brand is not visible to target audience or is too much visible to irrelevant audience, creating a negative image.

Sometimes, at time of launching of any product or brand there social pages or sites are attractive, people are liking it but as little time passes followers get disappeared. It happens either because of flop or no social media marketing plan or weak communication between marketing team and other company officials.


Too much irrelevant stuff and uploading too many tweets or post in a short span of time actually irritate audience. Content matters a lot so it`s good to maintain a proper system of follow up posts and contents. Selection of time is also very important. Post on odd timings can make it either go unread or can disturb addresses. Irrelevant links are also not worthy.

Fake Followers

Genuine consumer relationships are more important than number of followers.  Millions of fans, followers and likes won`t increase ROI. Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram and many other social sites have recently deleted fake accounts, resulting in revealing the truth of reputation of many brands and people. So, it`s better to avoid such short term popularity tactics.

Using Social Media But Not Being Social

To give a feel that followers are dealing with real humans not by cooperative robots. It`s essential to stayin touch with followers. Keep replying there Qs and try to resolve issues regarding he product or service. Posting regular but limited number post and upgrading page or website actually built interest of viewers.

Profile Is SEO optimized

Hire SEO Company or trained employee to do SMO work. If webpage is not searched by Google or Bling when desired then it`s simply going unnoticed. Use proper keywords and use keywords with context to promote webpage wisely.

Posting Of Links

Automatic posting of links ease your efforts but structure and relevance of links is very significant. Randomness doesn`t pay so manual efforts and sense behind posting of back links (for instance custom assignment writing) is a good exercise to avoid spamming.

Return for Customer

Customer wants something in return. If it`s the idea that audience following social media just because they like product or company then it`s not like that. Many times they want quick feedback or anything which is in favor of them. It`s nice to launch small contest, give away vouchers or discounts to attract and engage people


Hashtags are a trend to follow up on a particular topic. It basically filters your search engine and shows to you only the relevant topic of your choice. But the overuse of hashtags has spread like a disease and has created negative impacts on social media. Too much use of hashtags makes a company seem desperate for attention.

At the same time, not using hashtags is showing you are above others in the sense that you don’t deem in fit to follow popular trends. Neither will you be able to project your input into the market and nor your topics would be deemed redundant.

The key to basic social media marketing is the activity in your page and the peak hours it takes to boost your posts to maximum audience. Content writing is very important as Facebook and other pages filter out irrelevant and generic content and count it as spam. Spelling mistakes and grammar are also important as they judge the credibility of the content. So intensive research and basic proofreading are the key to boost your organic reach.


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